We teach people how to grow food, using natural ecosystems as our model, 
through classes, workshops, garden raisings and other events.

Talk to us about garden coaching and landscape consultations if you are interested in taking the next step to introduce more edibles into your landscape or just need help with what and how to plant, send us an email and we can set-up a visit, taking the proper precautions.  Check out the Services Page and see more about our offerings.

September PermaBlitz  

19th or 20th of Sept. in Centerville

you pick one day so we can keep the numbers down to 10 participants

  We will send you the address after you sign up

We will be taking many precautions to keep people spaced out and safe.









Permablitzes are like a garden raising, similar to an Amish barn raising. Many people pitching in to get a job done.  In this case, it's a landscape or parts of a landscape that has been designed by the professionals at Resilient Roots. Participants get first-hand knowledge of how to create an ecological/edible landscape.

     At our September PermaBlitz, we will be planting fruit and nut trees, learning about creating an insect balancing plan by planting herbs and flowers that attract beneficial insects and pollinators, installing a raspberry patch,  kiwi hedge, blueberry bushes, an herb spiral and learning about plants that can create nutrients for your plantings.  

     This a day-long work/learn event where you will get hands-on experience with the project and begin to see what a permaculture yard looks and functions like.   

Check out our

Victory Garden Blog

You will find concise information from our team along with articles we find that get to the heart of what needs to happen for you to grow healthy vegetables throughout the summer. Staying healthy and keeping our family and friends healthy and safe is the focus for us all. Being outside, preparing and planting a garden, harvesting fresh organic vegetables, are all activities that can help you reach that goal.

Sign-up for gardening notices...

 We will let you know what is going on in the garden, what to look out for, what you could be doing to be successful. You can ask questions and share your successes!

What is permaculture and what is a food forest? This video from National Geographic will give you a glimpse into what permaculture looks like in action and how a food forest functions.  

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