We teach people how to grow food, using natural ecosystems as our model, 
through classes, workshops, garden raisings and other events.

What is Permaculture and what is a food forest?  This video from National Geographic will give you a glimpse into what permaculture looks like in action and how a food forest functions.  

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Whole Food System for your Plants and Soil

December 7th, 2019   9:30-12:30  

 In this class Jess Tsoukalas will introduce you to the theory and practice of Korean Natural Farming were we invigorate soil life with diversity and revitalize the ecosystem. This regenerative practice employs the harvest of local plants, yeasts, fungi, & bacteria to make edible, organic garden inputs.

To be used in:

* Soil Remediation *  Seed Germination * Plant and Tree Care * Fruit and Vegetable Production * Livestock Housing and Feed * Beekeeping 

The food and medicine resulting from these methods boost resilience and strengthens our connection to nature in a fun, creative, low-cost way.  

This workshop will be held in West Barnstable at the Barnstable Land Trust Offices - 1540 Main St (Route 6A) in West Barnstable

Resilient Roots is a non-profit organization whose mission

is to provide hands on, practical education that teaches people to grow food organically using natural ecosystems as a model, while creating a landscape that regenerates the ecosystem’s health insuring people and wildlife can thrive.

Our vision is to inform and inspire people to create diversity and connection in their landscapes and their communities resulting in a resilient and productive future.


empower people, through our educational and outreach events, to grow their own food in a manner that is sustainable and uses local resources.  We provide a structure to connect, support, and collaborate with individuals and organizations interested in learning how to use natural ecosystems as a model for edible landscapes. We are legally structured as a non-profit corporation in the state of Massachusetts.

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