What We Do 

Professionals from a variety of fields come to teach us how to master some permaculture techniques.  Here is a list of some workshops we have held:

        Start your Backyard Orchard     

              Seed Starting  

              Backyard Mushroom Growing

              Medicinal Herbs

              Growing Oyster Mushrooms


              Growing Garlic


              Cannabis 101 

              Backyard Chickens 


              Shiitake Mushrooms

              Getting started with Blueberries,

              Raspberries and Blackberries

              Foraging in Your Backyard


              Harvesting Rainwater


              Seven Ways to Compost


              Making Medicinal Herbal Products



















Permablitzes (garden raisings)

      We hold permablitzes through out the spring, summer and fall.  You can learn first hand some of the philosophy, skills and techniques of permaculture.  After you have been to a few permablitzes you can be eligible to host a "blitz" at your property and have a crew of eager learners to help you create your landscape.  Go to the Permablitz page to learn more about what happens at a Permablitz.


Highlights from Some Permablitzes


















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