Design Services

   We approach a design holistically, applying permaculture principles that take into account the built 

environment including the landscape, homes, humans, nature, animals, and plants. After working closely with a client to understand what their goals are, we create a design that takes into consideration all the components of the site. Our design process is led by an experienced permaculture designer and we charge a fee for our designs which supports our educational programming.  The product of the design process includes a diverse set of maps, charts, diagrams and plans that will give you the tools you need to implement a permaculture landscape as well as the rational.  We have a few different options to choose from for our services.  

Residential Permaculture Design Options


    A design begins with you.  Your goals, needs and desires are where we start so your input is paramount to a successful design. We consider ourselves to be co-creators of a design and plan.  We ask you to start by filling out our questionnaire,  so we can throughly understand what you and your family are looking for, before we schedule design work with you​.  Once you have filled out the questionnaire, send it or emailed it to us and we can discuss the next steps.

Printable PDF Permaculture Design Questionnaire


  Option 1:  Permaculture Consultation Service (No Drawings)

   This is a great starting point for permaculture design work at your property.  This service can either “stand alone” as a verbal consultation or lead to a full design at a later date.  After reviewing your questionnaire in advance and doing some remote research, we will visit the property,  providing you with design guidance, including a list of design ideas for you to implement. This option does not include drawings or a follow-up report, but we can give you a quote for further design work if you would like a more in-depth analysis.  The cost for this service is $275 for up to 1 acre.  It usually takes 6-8 hours of our time to complete a consultation.  Because there is work that we need to do before we get to your site, we require a $100 deposit to schedule a site visit.  The remainder ($175) is due at the time of consultation.


 Option 2:  Complete Permaculture Design (Drawings & Report)

   Once we have completed Option 1 we can take the process further to create an in-depth design for your property which includes a full sized color illustration of the property with all the elements we are proposing.  The process includes an initial visit to clarify goals and observe the site, a visit or two to go over and share our draft design concept ideas and get your feedback, and finally a visit to present the design and deliver our report with recommendations on how to  implement the plan in phases and how to source plants and other resources.  We will also provide you with an electronic version of the final plan.

The cost for this service:  Apart from the initial consultation, our design work is billed on an hourly basis at $60/hr.  After the initial consultation (Option 1) we can give you a quote for your project.  The property size and complexity of design will determine the cost of the final plan.

Contact us to discuss the options!

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